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Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins will play in Beijing on August 5 Monday morning 8:00 NFL season started the first preseason game, which is the annual Hall of Fame game. Race in previous years in the NFL Hall of Fame will be located - Canton, Ohio's Fawcett Stadium (Fawcett Stadium) proceed. Hall of Fame tournament last season, the New Orleans Saints to beat the Arizona Cardinals 17-10.

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As Cardinals quarterback who is not to force them to contribute a total of 0 touchdowns, 2 steals, and 47% passing success rate. Compared to last year, this year's race two teams are equipped with a lot of very talented players, but some people still question their true strength. Let us look after offseason adjustments, cowboys and dolphins what are areas for improvement. wholesale nfl jerseys paypal, wholesale nike nfl jerseys paypal, wholesale nfl jerseys paypal, wholesale jerseys, wholesale jerseys china. As usual, the Cowboys are keeping an accustomed style, the Cowboys at the start of the new season is always very optimistic.

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The team from top to bottom, every one coaches, players and front office staff are hopeful about winning the Super Bowl. However, the team's offensive front and looked, still remains a big problem. Last season, they were unable to effectively attack the channel open for the running backs, nor can well protect Tony - Romo (Tony Romo), making Romo often need to escape. Cowboys To compensate for this deficiency, the team selected the first round draft pick center Travis - Frederick (Travis Frederick), not only the owner and general manager Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) has placed high expectations on him Many fans are also great hope to see him play on the pitch. Hopefully he can give the Cowboys offensive frontline bring improvement. Coach Jason - Garrett (Jason Garrett) some time ago said that this year the team will have more running attack, no doubt DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) will be starting running back, but before this silent Lane has been plagued with injuries. Perhaps there will be waiting for Murray's bench fame talent, indeed, any one of them are likely to become a superstar among night.

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But for now, they are waiting for the test, no team would be willing to bet on them. wholesale sports jerseys paypal, discount nfl jerseys paypal, wholesale jerseys paypal. In defense group, the Cowboys brought in a new defensive coordinator, Tampa 2 formation Masters Monte - Kiefen (Monte Kiffin) to conduct a thorough renovation. Like DeMarcus - Nashville (DeMarcus Ware) and Anthony - Spencer (Anthony Spencer), etc. are excellent 3-4 defensive Zhenshi outside linebacker, but now it needs to change to play defensive end. However, Sean - Lee (Sean Lee), Bruce - Carter (Bruce Carter) and Justin - Durant (Justin Durant) consisting terrible trio Cowboys linebacker troop strength on the floor again. But if the team's defensive front is still struggling, linebacker who will have to clean up the mess, thereby increasing the pressure on their defensive backs. Speaking of defensive backs, preseason Dallas cornerback worth a visit. Brandon - Calgary (Brandon Carr) and Morris - Clyburn (Morris Claiborne) are experienced one defensive cornerback, but is very dependent on tactical Kiefen cornerback for regional defense, both The run-in effect to be seen. Overall, the new season of Dallas could work together to make the playoffs, there may be another mediocre Fanfan to spend a season. wholesale nike nfl jerseys paypal, china wholesale nfl jerseys paypal, holesale jerseys usa.